Dear Poly Community


Less talk about how you all just brush jealousy off or don’t deal with it at all. More talk about how jealousy is a thing that happens and sometimes it’s a real trial to work through and ways in which you deal with it then. 


There’s a long, messy history between me and the other woman in this photo (the one with the quarter-sleeve), but I shan’t get into it. To give you the gist of it, I was very much in love with her and therefore very bitter towards her for a very long time. There was a lot of tension and passive-aggression between us up until a few months ago. Now we’re closer than we’ve ever been.
I feel as though these photos really capture the playful, intimate bond that’s re-formed between us the last little while. I’m super fortunate to have her as a friend and to get to go on sexy rope adventures with her.
This reminds me of how far we’ve come and that we can only go up from here!

These photos are beautiful. Not just because of both of your natural beauty but because of the strength of your bond and where it comes from. One of my closest male friends is someone who I had a similar past with and now feels like someone I can be totally open with and it’s so much healthier and nicer than having bad tension with people that we’ve loved.Your playful bite and your hug warm my heart when I look at your submission. Thanks for sharing your intimacy and explorations with us. -Trouble 

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A reminder…


When you hold both of her arms as a bond, and press against her; biting into her neck, and licking the bite mark.

Makes me miss Daddy

kyttenjanae, wish you were here. 2014